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Uplands is a suburb of Swansea, South Wales. It lies about a mile (2 km) to the west of Swansea city centre, and falls within the Uplands electoral ward. It is centred around the A4118 road, which links Swansea city centre and Sketty. The main road begins as Walter Road from the east, and becomes Sketty Road towards the west. Much of the area is hilly.

The area

Uplands' main shopping area consists of many locally-run businesses, and is not dominated by national chain stores. There is a pub here called "The Uplands Tavern", once frequented by the Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas. Number 5, Cwmdonkin Drive, in Uplands, has a blue plaque marking Dylan Thomas's birth place. A second shopping street is the western side of Bryn-y-Mor Road which has a number of convenience stores, hairdressers, fashion boutiques, pubs, and restaurants.
Uplands is a relatively affluent area of Swansea. Property prices are above the national average; hence, council tax rates are quite high, falling into band C and above. The housing stock consists of fairly large properties. Three-storey properties, and properties containing four bedrooms or more, are common. Many of the larger properties have been converted into student bedsits; hence, this area is popular for students attending Swansea University.
Eaton Crescent is where politician Michael Heseltine grew up. The crescent is considered one of the most upmarket residential areas close to the city centre. The street consists mainly of large three-storey semi-detached and terraced 4-6 bedroom town-houses. During the late 1980s, a large number of properties were converted for use as student bedsits, but since the early 2000s it has mainly returned to housing families.
Llwyn-Y-Bryn College, part of Swansea College, is located here. There are two private schools in the area; Oakley House provides junior schooling, and Ffynone House provides Middle schooling for GCSE and A-Level pupils. The local parks are Cwmdonkin Park and Rosehill Quarry Community Park. A noticeable landmark in the area is St. James` Church, situated in a leafy area to the east of the Uplands. A Kingdom Hall is located just west of St. James` Church. The official residence of The Lord Mayor of Swansea is located just north of St. James` Church.


Stella Maris is a convent occupied by the Sisters of Ursulines of Jesus on Eaton Crescent. The nuns used to run the Stella Maris Primary School, a former independent convent school, that has now closed.

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